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Squishy Bird

Flappy Bird has been at the top app store charts for some recent weeks, and this game is actually driving game lovers crazy. Why? Although its task seems to be very easy to deal with, players may find it difficult to get high scores. Now, here is another game that can relieve your stress from never being able to play the well-known Flappy Bird – Squishy Bird! Joining in this game, players will have a chance to crush all of the birds they want to let go of their pent-up frustration over and over again. Try to squeeze all of them or the game will come to an end easily. Just let one bird escape from the pipes, you will lose, players! Get ready for the relief? Play Squishy Bird and see how many birds you may squeeze! Don’t be scared and try your best, dear players!

How to play Squishy Bird

Squishy Bird is all controlled by the left click mouse or the space bar.

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