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Flappy Bird is considered as one of the hottest game in Google and App Store today. As a matter of fact, every gaming enthusiast nowadays is interested with these games as for them to get higher score than their colleagues or friends. Play online Flappy bird game is possible both in PC and phone. Once you start playing the Flappy Bird, you can’t stop because it is very addicting as compared to other games out there. Read on this article to determine some of the effective tips to play Flappy Bird.

Bigger is Ideal

Usually, Flappy Bird may just be an iPhone game. However, it does not indicate that you cannot play them with your iPad in case you have one. When you use an iPad, the Flappy Bird is accurately nice if you play this on a bigger screen. When you have the bigger screen, you can certainly use your fingers to enjoy the game.

Be Comfortable

In case you are playing the Flappy Bird in your iPhone, it is best to select the best place to stick and tap the game. If you are right handed, the bottom portion works well. It is not easy to play the game if you are not comfortable. You need to stay focus on the game for you to succeed. Online Flappy Bird game is easy as well.

Don’t Disturb

When playing the game, it is best to concentrate playing the Flappy Bird. Do not disturb your friend. If you will just keep on updating his or her scores and trying to beat scores then you cannot succeed on this game. Play Flappy Bird is undeniably easy as long as you can focus. This game will also test your patience when playing such game. Once you beat your score, you have to try and try again until you got the best score

Manage Your Stress

If you want to succeed on this game, make sure to manage your stress as well. This game is to entertain you not to beat your emotions. This is the reason why many players feel bad when playing the game because it really gets their temper as they want to beat their score. Keep in mind that this is just a virtual game, not a reality. You just have to beat the game by avoiding the pipes. Do not take it seriously when playing the game. Some people even crush their phone or tablet just because they cannot beat their score. Do not follow this act as this is just a GAME not reality.

Fly Low

Fly low is one of the most effective tips when playing Flappy Bird game. When you fly low, the chance for you to hit the pipes is low as compared when you fly high. When you follow this it will certainly help you acquire the best score. Finally, play Flappy Bird is an effective way for you to test your patience. This can be an excellent game that will give you the chance to play a simple but unique game.

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Play Flappy Bird Game for Free Online No Download, 9.7 out of 10 based on 59 ratings

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  1. i love this game, i mean sometimes the game makes me mad because i always fall but it is a really cool game for us kids to play.

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