Flappy Bird game that can be played online as well is a game that is really popular these days. The game has one flappy bird that you have to manage by tapping it so that goes up and down and passes in between the long pipes. If you miss the old days of gaming where the games and the characters were pixilated, but you used to play as it used to make you addictive. It is the case with the online Flappy bird game that you can play online and never get bored of it. The game is without any doubt insanely addictive.

Flappy bird does not have anything similar to the game play of super Mario and all you have to do is to tap the screen so that the bird is keeps on floating and does not hit the pipes or the ground. The moment it does hit the pipe or the ground, the game is over at that time. You have to then keep on trying to get a score higher than your previous one.

It sounds simple, but it is not at all simple to play. There is an art of tapping that you need to know if you want to pas in between the pipes successfully. If you tap too fast, you will go off the screen and when the bird will come down, you will surely hit the obstacle. If you tap too slow, the board will not float much and will hit the ground. The moment you think you are tapping correctly and getting the hold of the game, you will hit the pipe at that moment.

The game is really popular these days although it is annoying and frustrating and makes you throw your phone. This game is amongst the top games on iTunes and Google Play now and people are continuously downloading the game. You might wonder about why this game is so popular despite being so irritating. It is because this game is a perfect time killer. When you start playing this game and keep on trying after every failure, you will not realize where did the time go.

The game was released in the mid of 2013 and at that time if fell down in the ranking in the app store. But after some time the social media exposure to play flappy bird online and the comments associated with the game made the game popular. There are Vines even made on flappy bird now and this made the people curious to try on what this is game is all about. The game is a quick, simple and funny game to play and it is a free game that people love playing. There is no purchase in the game and not much ads even. You can play this game with your friends as this game lasts for some seconds only if you hit the pipe or the ground.

How to Play Flappy Bird Online

– Use your SPACE BAR to play


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  1. Nice game but you got physics wrong. Bird drops down waay to fast like it is impossible to even go through the first pipe sets. I found an alternative that has a Fairy instead of a bird.

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